Join us for a series of interactive discussions as we dig into ways to best handle fundraising during the coronavirus outbreak. 

The MPW Strategies team including John Pepperdine, Matt Wasserman Kaye Taavialma and Patrick Gaines, are joined by a special guest Friday at noon MST to cover topics related to managing through crises, planning, foundations, budget, volunteer and donor engagement, and much more.

Bring your questions and ideas so we hear from you and try to find answers together!

Webinars are recorded and available to registrants the following week. 


Patrick GainesSession #1 - Recording: Navigating Turbulent Times with Patrick Gaines

Matt Wasserman and Kaye Taavialma discuss with Patrick Gaines, CDO, Metro Denver Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, the dynamics at play affecting fundraising and ways to deal with the current environment.

The first in a series of webinars, this recording is especially insightful about the immediate crisis planning Patrick undertook and how BGCMD handled so much unknown.

Listen to the Recording HERE 

Maggie Hdshot

Session #2: Small to Medium Nonprofits and Colorado Fundraising

Special guest this week is Maggie McHenry, Director of Development with Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado. Kaye Taavialma, John Pepperdine, and Patrick Gaines interviewed Maggie and discussed how small to medium size Colorado nonprofits can best handle fundraising during the coronavirus outbreak.

Balancing the immediate pivot with the long-term fundraising, learn how you can rise to the occasion, like Maggie and Florence Crittenton.

Watch HERE


Session #3: Foundations & Grants

ShiraZimmerman_HeadshotSpecial Guest: Shira Zimmerman, CEO and Co-Founder of ZIM Consulting

In this session, we discussed:

  1. How has the foundation community responded to this crisis? Are there new opportunities to receive emergency grant funding?
  2. If an organization doesn’t qualify for some of the new opportunities, how can they secure emergency funding to replace program revenue or fundraising dollars?
  3. Should organizations continue to apply for their ongoing grants right now?
  4. Is it possible to cultivate new foundation relationships during the crisis?

Watch HERE

Session #4: On the Front Lines of the Crises

Laura Larson headshot 4-6-2020-1

Special Guest: Laura Larson, Vice President of Development STRIDE Community Health Center.

During this session, we covered:

  • What's it like fundraising now, particularly with STRIDE on the front-lines of the coronavirus fight?
  • How to fundraise for immediate while knowing development is about long-term relationships?
  • How to balance communications and development, and what are the similarities and differences?
  • What do you wish funders knew that organizations can't always convey or feel comfortable sharing with them?

Watch HERE

Session #5: Leading Through Crises


Jennifer Darling, Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Special Guest: Jennifer Darling, President & CEO, Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Challenges and opportunities for Children's Hospital Colorado during the corona crisis are extraordinary. Find out what Jen Darling is doing to motivate and inspire partners and her team.

During this session, we covered topics to leading during the time of crisis, including:

      • The early reaction to the COVID-19 crisis
      • Developing a game plan in the face of crisis
      • Carrying out the plan through an uncertain year 

Watch HERE 


Session #6: What To Do About Events!?!

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 5.46.15 PM

megan-scremin-new-ceo-2019-1Special guest Gareth Heyman, Wizard of All Things for MorEvents, and Megan Scremin, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Special Olympics Colorado, discussed how to approach events during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In this session, we covered:

  • Pivoting your event to virtual, rescheduling, canceling, or a hybrid event
  • What's working in virtual events and what's not
  • What can we expect for the next 3 -6 months and a year for events
  • Thinking about what to do with your upcoming events 


Watch HERE


Session #7: Creating a Plan For a Year of Uncertainty

Special guest: Melisa Baldwin, Vice Chancellor of Advancement, University of Colorado Denver, discussed how she is going about planning for an uncertain next year of fundraising.

Melisa BaldwinJust how do you plan 30, 60, 90 days, or even a year out from now?  How do you budget, measure activities, and set goals when so much is uncertain?  In this session, we covered:

  • Process for planning
  • Pivoting during the crisis
  • How to go about setting goals
  • Motivating your team

Watch HERE


Session #8: Spreading Hope with the Community First Foundation.

WATCH HEREKelly Dunkin BEST 3.21.19

Special guest: Kelly Dunkin, President and CEO of Community First Foundation, and long-time Colorado community leader, joined us to discuss how the Foundation is responding to the crisis and supporting the recovery.

While coping with COVID 19, how do we confront racial inequality and injustice.

" As a grantmaking public charity, we are dedicated to playing a key role in identifying and solving broad community problems. We bring together the power of many to strengthen community for all. Together we can make a real difference in Jefferson County, the Denver metropolitan area and beyond.”

We’ll also discussed:

  • How with everything going on and elections in the fall does Kelly think these factors will impact CO Gives Day in December.
  • How has each of the different communities responded: donors, non-profits, and nonprofit advisors.
  • How Community First is in the midst of strategic planning 

Community First Foundation Logo


Session #9 - upcoming in late August early September:

How Philanthropy Can Drive Our Recovery.

Special Guest: David Miller, CEO of the Barton Institute for Community Action, joins us to discuss how philanthropy and nonprofits can help our recovery.  And David will share how The Barton Institute works with Metro Denver residents to build on shared strengths and cultivate opportunities to address the challenges we face, together. Through their vision: that people in Metro Denver’s communities have the power and connections they need to improve the systems that create the foundation for a good life.

In this session, we'll discuss:

  • The role of philanthropy as experimenter and risk taker to help recovery and affect change
  • How can nonprofits, government, and the private sector can play a role in recovery
  • The role of endowments and DAFs 





A special thanks to AFP Colorado and the Colorado Nonprofit Association for partnering  with us for this series


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